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This article is about the slang word for an Australian. For the Australian dollar also known as the "Aussie Dollar" or sometimes just "The Aussie", see Australian dollar. For other uses, see Aussie (disambiguation).

Aussie[1] or Ozzie[2] is Australian slang for Australian and less commonly, Australia.[3][4][5][6][7] Aussie can be used in the form of an adjective,[8] noun,[9][10] or proper noun.


In Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Canada, United Kingdom, and Ireland, the word is pronounced /ˈɒzi/ OZ-ee (Australian English [ˈɔzi]), with a /z/ sound;[4] however, in the United States, it is most often pronounced (incorrectly) /ˈɔːsi/ AW-see with an /s/ sound.[11][12][13] Pronouncing the word with an /s/ in place of the /z/ is considered by Australians to be a canonically American error.

Ethnic usage[edit]

Aussie is used defensively by some Australians as a term of identification for people and as a nickname for the traditional cultural group (of Anglo-Celtic descent).[14]


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