Aust Severn Powerline Crossing

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Eastern pylon at Aust, photographed from the Severn Bridge
Western pylon at Beachley

Aust Severn Powerline Crossing is the longest powerline span in the United Kingdom with a span width of 1,618 m (5,308 ft).[1] The crossing, which spans the River Severn between Aust and Beachley, is part of the National Grid. It was built by J L Eve & Co and is situated south of Severn Bridge. It is mounted on two pylons, each 148.75 m (488 ft) tall. The pylon on the Aust side of the River Severn stands on a caisson accessible by a small bridge.

Walkway to the Aust pylon
Point Coordinates
(links to map & photo sources)
Aust pylon 51°36′09″N 2°38′00″W / 51.6026°N 2.6332°W / 51.6026; -2.6332 (Aust pylon)
Mid-point 51°36′21″N 2°38′29″W / 51.60578°N 2.64136°W / 51.60578; -2.64136 (Mid-point)
Beachley pylon 51°36′37″N 2°39′11″W / 51.6102°N 2.6531°W / 51.6102; -2.6531 (Beachley pylon)

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Coordinates: 51°36′21″N 2°38′29″W / 51.60578°N 2.64136°W / 51.60578; -2.64136 (Aust Severn Powerline Crossing - nominal location)