Auster Arrow

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J/2 Arrow
Auster 5j2 arrow g-beah of 1946 arp.jpg
Role Touring aircraft
Manufacturer Auster Aircraft Limited
First flight 1945
Introduction 1945
Status Two airworthy in UK in 2009
Primary user Private pilot owners
Number built 44
Variants Auster J-4

The Auster J/2 Arrow is a 1940s British single-engined two-seat high-wing touring monoplane built by Auster Aircraft Limited at Rearsby, Leicestershire, England.


The Arrow was designed as a successor to the pre-war Taylorcraft Plus C monoplane. A development aircraft, a side-by-side two-seater first flew in 1946 powered by Lycoming O-145-B3 flat four air-cooled engined.

Import restrictions on the sale in the United Kingdom (UK) of American-built engines resulted in many of the 44 aircraft completed being exported, mainly to Australia and Belgium. In later life, examples were re-imported to the UK, where several examples remained active in 2011.

Specifications (J/2) G-BEAH[edit]

General characteristics


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