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Austin Express
Founded August 13, 1997
Ceased operations December 31, 2000
Operating bases
Headquarters Austin, Texas, United States

Austin Express Inc. was a commuter airline headquartered in Austin, Texas, United States.[1][2][3] The airline incorporated on August 13, 1997. It was originally managed by ten former Conquest Airlines executives.[4] All of the owners and key personnel of Austin Express were formerly employed by Conquest which had also been based in Austin.[5] Bradfield Martino, Austin was the first ad agency to advertise the airline and a The New York Times article stated that the resulting ad account billings were estimated at over one million dollars.[6] Its operations began on January 5, 1998, with a small fleet of Fairchild Swearingen Metro III propjets.[1]

The airline operated out of Robert Mueller Municipal Airport before moving all operations to Austin Bergstrom International Airport following the closure of Mueller.[7][8] The cover of the March 18, 2000 Austin Express system timetable stated the airline was offering daily flights between the Texas cities of Austin (AUS), Beaumont/Port Arthur (BPT) and Tyler (TYR).[9] The airline ended scheduled passenger flights on Sunday, December 31, 2000 and then became a charter air carrier.[10]


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