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Austin Marathon
AS AustinMarathon FC Full LockUp cmyk.png
Austin Marathon, Half Marathon, and 5K
DateFebruary 14, 2021
LocationAustin, Texas
Event typeRoad
DistanceMarathon, Half Marathon, 5K

The Ascension Seton Austin Marathon presented by Under Armour is an annual marathon held in Austin, Texas. Austin Marathon weekend features the Manzano Mile presented by Dole on Saturday morning. The Marathon, Half Marathon, and KXAN SimpleHealth 5K benefitting Paramount Theatre on Sunday morning. A two-day expo takes place on Friday and Saturday. The 2021 Austin Marathon will celebrate its 30th anniversary on February 14, 2021.

The race begins at 7:00 a.m. and features a highly-competitive elite field. It is livestreamed by FloSports so spectators and loved ones around the globe can watch. Runners from all 50 states and 35 countries typically run the annual Austin Marathon.

The new Austin Marathon course, debuted in 2018, was designed to provide a better participant and spectator experience and allow enhanced traffic flow along the course, while still finishing with the picturesque Texas State Capitol as every runner’s backdrop. The first half of the Austin Marathon has remained unchanged. After Mile 12, half marathoners will head south to the finish line. Marathoners continue east before turning north and running on Guadalupe St. through the heart of the University of Texas campus. The course highlights Austin attractions like the University of Texas Tower and historic Hyde Park neighborhood. It eventually takes marathoners on a tour of East Austin’s restaurants, murals, and landmarks. Marathoners make their way back downtown to finish at 9th and Congress Ave. in front of the picturesque Texas State Capitol.

The Austin Marathon and Austin Half Marathon both start at 2nd St. and Congress Avenue. The course goes by Austin landmarks and areas, like downtown, the Colorado River, SoCo, Hyde Park, and the University of Texas at Austin campus, passing by Memorial Stadium. Bands perform live music along the race route in a tribute to Austin's label as The Live Music Capital of the World. The race ends near where it begins on Congress Avenue, just south of the Capitol.[1] The course is USATF certified.

Austin Gives Miles, the Official Charity Program of the Austin Marathon®, raised $702,500 in 2020[2]. The 25 Central Texas nonprofit organizations accepted into the program worked to exceed the program’s fundraising goal while increasing awareness of their organization and recruiting race day volunteers. Since 2014, Austin Gives Miles has raised $3.8 million for Central Texas nonprofit organizations. In 2019, Moody Foundation became presenting sponsor for Austin Gives Miles. Since 2015, Austin Gives Miles has been a Moody Foundation grant recipient. During this time, their total contributions have reached $1.2 million.

The Austin Marathon injected $48.5 million into the Austin economy during the 2019 race weekend[3]. 2019's economic impact on the City of Austin is a $11 million (23 percent) increase from the 2018 event.

It was founded in 1991 by Motorola, who served as title sponsor for fifteen years.[4] The marathon was sponsored by AT&T in 2007 and 2008, but ran with no title sponsor in 2009.[5] From 2010 to 2013, the race was called the LIVESTRONG Austin Marathon. Freescale returned as presenting sponsor in 2014 and 2015. NXP Semiconductors and Freescale completed their merger in December 2015,[6] with NXP becoming the presenting sponsor for 2016 and 2017. Under Armour was the presenting sponsor of the 2018 Austin Marathon[7], but had no title sponsor. In 2019, an agreement was reached naming Ascension Seton the title sponsor[8]. Under Armour also returned as presenting sponsor for the 2019 Austin Marathon. KXAN-TV became title sponsor of the KXAN SimpleHealth 5K benefitting Paramount Theatre in 2019[9]. Both Ascension Seton (title) and Under Armour (presenting) will return as sponsors for the 2021 Austin Marathon. KXAN will return as title sponsor for the 2021 KXAN SimpleHealth 5K.

Men's marathon winners[edit]

Joseph Mutinda, a few seconds before winning the 2014 Austin Marathon with a time of 2:14:17. He was disqualified after he failed the drug test.[10]
February 16, 2020 William Bertrand United States United States 2:28:11
February 17, 2019 Joey Whelan United States United States 2:17:03
February 18, 2018 Joey Whelan United States United States 2:21:37
February 19, 2017 Joe Thorne United States United States 2:32:05
February 14, 2016 Hayato Sonodo Japan Japan 2:23:30
February 15, 2015 Betram Keter Kenya Kenya 2:16:21
February 16, 2014 Joseph Mutinda[10] Kenya Kenya 2:14:17
February 17, 2013 Omar Martinez United States United States 2:35:09
February 19, 2012 Edward Kiptum Kenya Kenya 2:22:50
February 20, 2011 Keith Pierce United States United States 2:29:25
February 14, 2010 Keith Pierce United States United States 2:20:35
February 15, 2009 Jeremy Borling United States United States 2:30:05
February 17, 2008 Jacob Frey United States United States 2:20:38
February 18, 2007 Jynocel Basweti Kenya Kenya 2:14:02
February 19, 2006 Mindaugas Pukstas Lithuania Lithuania 2:13:43
February 13, 2005 Mikhail Khobotov Russia Russia 2:12:38
February 15, 2004 Andrzej Krzyścin Poland Poland 2:14:18
February 16, 2003 Andrzej Krzyścin Poland Poland 2:12:40
February 17, 2002 Andrzej Krzyścin Poland Poland 2:12:10
February 18, 2001 Mukhamet Nazipov Russia Russia 2:11:14
February 20, 2000 Janko Benša Federal Republic of Yugoslavia Yugoslavia 2:14:18
February 14, 1999 Peter Fleming Scotland Scotland 2:17:14
February 15, 1998 Abderrahim Benredouane Morocco Morocco 2:16:45
February 16, 1997 Andrei Tarasov Russia Russia 2:16:52
February 18, 1996 Dmitriy Kapitanov Russia Russia 2:15:59
March 5, 1995 José Iniguez Mexico Mexico 2:16:27
March 6, 1994 Doug Kurtis United States United States 2:21:35
March 7, 1993 Brad Hawthorne United States United States 2:17:53
March 15, 1992 Alberto Puente Mexico Mexico 2:24:00

Women's marathon winners[edit]

February 16, 2020 Sarah Jackson United States United States 2:55:17
February 17, 2019 Heather Lieberg United States United States 2:42:27
February 18, 2018 Allison Macsas United States United States 2:43:11
February 19, 2017 Allison Macsas United States United States 2:48:16
February 14, 2016 Chandi Moore United States United States 3:02:39
February 15, 2015 Cynthia Jerop Kenya Kenya 2:54:22
February 16, 2014 Marnie Staehly United States United States 2:57:27
February 17, 2013 Mariko Neveu United States United States 2:55:04
February 19, 2012 Shannon Bixler United States United States 3:02:28
February 20, 2011 Desiree Ficker United States United States 2:50:35
February 14, 2010 Elle Pishny United States United States 2:53:16
February 15, 2009 Elle Pishny United States United States 2:52:32
February 17, 2008 Lucy Hassell England England 2:36:26
February 18, 2007 Moges Zebenaye Ethiopia Ethiopia 2:39:46
February 19, 2006 Tatyana Pozdnyakova Ukraine Ukraine 2:34:23
February 13, 2005 Tatyana Borisova Kyrgyzstan Kyrgyzstan 2:31:01
February 15, 2004 Tatyana Borisova Kyrgyzstan Kyrgyzstan 2:30:40
February 16, 2003 Sylvia Skvortsova Russia Russia 2:37:22
February 17, 2002 Marian Sutton England England 2:31:43
February 18, 2001 Elena Paramonova Russia Russia 2:32:56
February 20, 2000 Tatyana Titova Russia Russia 2:34:03
February 14, 1999 Lydia Grigoryeva Russia Russia 2:35:38
February 15, 1998 Tamara Karlyakova Russia Russia 2:37:55
February 16, 1997 Alla Doudayeva Belarus Belarus 2:39:55
February 18, 1996 Svetlana Zakharova Russia Russia 2:36:45
March 5, 1995 Andrea Bowman United States United States 2:40:19
March 6, 1994 Irina Bondarchuk Russia Russia 2:42:22
March 7, 1993 Lori Norwood United States United States 2:47:08
March 15, 1992 Kay Jones United States United States 3:13:13


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