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Austin Reed flagship store on Regent Street in London (2011)
Austin Reed Group support services in Thirsk (2007)

Austin Reed is a British fashion retailer founded in 1900 and known for its menswear. It is an upmarket chain with over 70 retail outlets, with a large flagship store located on Regent Street, London.

Austin Reed also owns the Viyella and CC (rebranded from Country Casuals) chains of fashion stores.

Austin Reed Timeline

  • 1900 - First London shop was opened in Fenchurch Street
  • 1911 - Opening of flagship store in Regent Street
  • 1929 - The first international outlet on the transatlantic liner RMS Aquitania
  • 1930 - The opening of the Regent St Barbers Shop which is still around today
  • 1938 - Opening of a concession on the RMS Queen Mary
  • 1946 - Opening of a concession on the RMS Queen Elizabeth
  • 1940s - Winston Churchill's famous siren suits were manufactured by Austin Reed[citation needed]
  • 1980s - The launch of Austin Reed's womenswear
  • 1998 - The Austin Reed Group acquires classic brand CC (Formerly known as Country Casuals) Richard Thompson acquired Chester Barrie from Austin Reed
  • In 2005, Kosugi-Sangyo was the Austin Reed ready-to-wear license holder in Japan with retail value of €50 million.[1]
  • 2009 - The Austin Reed Group acquires heritage brand Viyella
  • 2010 - The launch of the Q Club on the third floor of the Regent Street store
  • 2011 - Austin Reed move from the original 103-113 Regent Street Store to the opposite side (100 Regent Street)


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