Austral Island

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For the group of islands in French Polynesia, see Austral Islands.
Austral Island
Austral Island is located in Antarctica
Austral Island
Austral Island
Location in Antarctica
Location Antarctica
Coordinates 66°30′S 110°39′E / 66.500°S 110.650°E / -66.500; 110.650Coordinates: 66°30′S 110°39′E / 66.500°S 110.650°E / -66.500; 110.650
Archipelago Windmill Islands
Population Uninhabited
Additional information
Administered under the Antarctic Treaty System

Austral Island is a small Antarctic island in the extreme southern lobe of Penney Bay, in the Windmill Islands.[1] The island appears in air photos taken by USN Operation Highjump (1946–47), but was not charted on subsequent maps. So named by US-ACAN because it is the southernmost of the Windmill Islands.

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