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Australasian Student Architecture Congress: Agency 2017
ASAC participants in Sydney, 2017

Australasian Student Architecture Congress (ASAC) is a students-organised event held biennially in Australasia since the 1960s.[1][2] It brings architecture practitioners and students together in a series of events, encouraging collaboration, networking and critical thinking. Past speakers include Harry Seidler, Buckminster Fuller, Glenn Murcutt, Paul Pholeros, Christopher Alexander, Peter Cook, Wolf Prix, Yoshiharu Tsukamoto, Jeremy Till, Richard Leplastrier, Sarah Wigglesworth, or Australian Prime Minister Gough Whitlam.[3]

Past Events[edit]

c. 1960/61 Sydney[edit]

''When I was a final year student (around 1960 or 1961) a group of us went to a Congress in Sydney about which I don’t remember much except spending a night in the Phillips Street Jail after 3 of us went on an all day crawl attempting to visit every pub in Sydney -which we regarded as a great achievement at the time." - Anonymous Professor of Architecture[1]

1963 Auckland[edit]

Title: Housing Developments around the Pacific; or “Social Aspects of New Housing”

Speakers: Aldo Van Eyck, Mike Austin, Peter Dalton, Max Clark, Graham Sheather, David Carr, R.M. Waite, G.J. Fielding, Jeremy Beckett, Keith Sinclair, Gerhard Rosenberg

1964 Melbourne[edit]

Title: New Materials, New Architecture

1965 Sydney[edit]

1966 Perth[edit]

Title: Education

Speakers: Buckminster Fuller, Paul Ritter, Cedric Price, Aldo Van Eyck, Jaap Bakema, John Voelcker.

1967 Brisbane[edit]

Title: City Synthesis

Speakers: Tony G William, Gio Ponti, Harry Seidler

1968 Hobart[edit]

Title: Creativity

1969 Adelaide[edit]

Title: AASA Adelaide Convention

Speakers: Balkrishna Doshi, Gary T Moore, Jane Abercrombie

The number of registered participants at the 1969 convention was 254, of which 244 were students. This was approximately 6.8% of the architecture student population in Australia and New Zealand, and about the same proportion as attended Hobart convention in 1968.[1]

1970 Sydney[edit]

Speakers: Buckminster Fuller, Dennis Crompton, Christopher Alexander, Tony Dugdale

(Planned “Sing Seventy” Singapore congress was abandoned that year.[1])

1971 Auckland/Warkworth[edit]

Speakers: Sim van der Ryn, Serge Chermayeff, Doc Toy, Warren Chalk, John Scott, Roger Walker, Francis Woods, John Reid, Gordon Dryden, Jim Ritchie, Tom Taylor, Owen McShane, Paddy Grant

1974 Brisbane to Munduberra[edit]

Brisbane train congress in 1974 started in Stradbroke, continued to Gladstone and then back to Brisbane through Munduberra and Many Peaks. Organisers wired the train for sound.[1]

1975 Lae, PNG[edit]

1976 Canberra[edit]

1977 Sydney[edit]

Speakers: Alvin Boyarsky

1979 Brisbane[edit]

Title: Marketplace

Peter Cook, John Dalton, Paul Oliver, William Turnbull, Wolfgang Preisser, Peter Myers, Peter Corrigan, Martyn Chapman, Russell Hall, Peter O'Gorman, Gabriel Poole, Bob Nation, Phillip Cox, David Biernoff, Brian Woodward, Peter Bycroft, Adrian Boddy, Steve King, Ian Sinnamon, Pancho Guedes, Chris Paris, Kenneth Browne, Graham Thiedeke, Peter Skinner, Rod Carmichael, Tone Wheeler, Phil Gibbs

The Army loaned the students large tents for accommodation. The tents were set up on the oval adjoining the Bardon Professional Development Centre, the venue for the conference.[1]

1981 Canberra[edit]

Title: The Next Wave

Speakers: Ross Brown, Roger Walker, John Mainwaring, Karl Fender, Everard + Kloots, Peter Stronach, Noel Robinson, Peter Myers, Russell Hall, David Mitchell, Gabriel Poole, Kai Chen, Edmond and Corrigan, Brian Klopper, Ian Athfield, Richard Leplastrier, Rex Addison, Gary Forward, John Scott

The conference structure was divided into two parts: emerging architecture in the morning with each architect speaking for up to one hour on his/her work. These sessions run in parallel. In the afternoon the workshops took place.[1]

1983 Auckland[edit]

Title: Gone to Kiwi

1985 Perth[edit]

Title: May West

1987 Hobart[edit]

Title: The Jam

Speakers: John Scott, John Andrews, Ajit Manger, Prue Cotton, Michael Barnett, Lindsay Clare, David Hensel, Andrew Conschens, Robert Morris-Nunn, Adrian Fitzgerald, Peter Wilmott, Annabel Bicevskis, Krzysztof, Peter Skinner, Troppo, Keith Weatherly, Design Makers Cooperative TAS, Leigh Woolley, Keith Streames, David Morris, Patrick O'Carrigan, Barry McNeill, Tim Sinatra, Gary Forward, Geoff Warn, Bevan Rees, Rory Spence, Russell Hall, Christine Vadasz, Spence Jamieson, John Gollings, Paul Pholeros, Tone Wheeler

1989 Canberra[edit]

Title: Beyond The Face

1991 Brisbane[edit]

Title: Circus

Speakers: Richard Murphy, Douglas Cardinal, Peter Skinner

1993 Adelaide[edit]

Title: Alchemy

Speakers: Bahram Shirdel, Richard Leplastrier, Lise Ann Couture, Javier Mariscal.

1995 Perth[edit]

Title: Crossings

Speakers: Michael Sorkin, Dejan Sudjic, Sarah Wigglesworth, Jeremy Till, Neill Spiller, Geoff Warn.

1997 Geelong[edit]

Title: morphe:nineteen97

Speakers: Wiel Arets, Itsuko Hasegawa, Greg Lynn, Ben van Berkel, Mark Goulthorpe, Mark Rakatansky, Sarah Chaplin, Sylvia Lavin, Marcus Novak, CJ Lim, Foreign Office Architects, Bernard Cache

1999 Sydney[edit]

Title: Flashpoint

Wolf Prix, Erick van Egeraat, Stephen Perrela, Ken Yeang, Vito Acconci, Christine Boyer, James Wines, Mark Wasuita (Diller&Scofidio), Richard Goodwin, Michael Tawa, Peter Brew + Michael Markham, Lynn Churchill, Kerry and Lindsay Clare, Julie Cracknell + Peter Lonergan, Peter Davidson + Donald Bates (LAB), Brian Donovan + Timothy Hill, Peter Droege, Pia Ednie-Brown, Tony Fry, Janet Laurence, Merrima, Gabriel Poole, Leonie Sandercock, Rewi Thompson, Peter Stutchbury, Mackenzie Wark, David Week, Kriz Kizak-Wines,

2004 Hobart/Launceston[edit]

Title: States of Mind

Speakers: Manabu Chiba, Robert & Brenda Vale, Andrew Maynard, Alisa Andresek, Mark Burry, bellemo+cat, Mark Dytham, Timothy Hill, John Vella, Jane South

2007 Wellington[edit]

Title: CtrlShift07

Speakers: Nathaniel Corum, Liang Jingyu, Ou Ning, Alexis Rochas, Bruce Stewart, Hugh Tennant, Mark Leong, Natalie Butts, Andrew Maynard, Ian Cassels, Nicky Hager, Rau Hoskins, Andrea Rickets, Ellen Anderson, Gregory More, Wan Azhar, Martmut Seichter, David Trubridge, Eoghan Lewis, Regan Gentry, Judy Cockeram, Mark Burry, Timothy Hill, Peggy Deamer, Jeffrey Inaba, Sam Kebbell, Ray Cole, David Mitchell

The first ASAC running concurrently in both physical and virtual worlds (online). Congress took place over 6 days.[4]

2009 Canberra[edit]

Title: RE:HAB

Speakers: Chris Bosse, Mahmoud Saikal, Barry Maitland, Alex Tzannes, Andrew Maynard, Louise Cox, Howard Raggatt, Howard Tanner, Jim Birrell, Karl Fender, Andrew Andersons, Wendy Lewin, Richard Johnson, Peter Tonkin, Tone Wheeler, Todd Rohl, Marcus Trimble, Antionette Trimble, Andrew Nimmo, Graham Dix, Megan Dwyer, Nathan Judd, Chris Milman, Bronwyn Jones

2011 Adelaide[edit]

Title: Flux

Speakers: Ken Yeang, Nathaniel Corum, Charles Holland, Richard Briggs, Lara Calder, Esther Charlesworth, Stuart Harrison, Benjamin Hewett, Luke Jones, Peter Mallat, Andrew Maynard, Paul Pholeros, Brian Porter, Michael Rayner, Gerard Reinmuth, Melonie Bayl-Smith, Patrick Stewart, Rewi Thompson, John Wardle.

The congress theme centred on the position of the architect in the face of societal and environmental change, and economic crisis.[1]

ASAC 2013 Timetable
ASAC 2013 Timetable

2013 Newcastle[edit]

Title: Nexus

Speakers: Jan van Schaik, Hedwig Heinsman, Constantin Petcou & Doina Petrescu, Ian Athfield, Philippa Tumubweinee, Marcus Westbury, Rory Hyde, Richard Francis-Jones, Ingrid Richards & Adrian Spence, Clare Cousins, Cassandra Stronach, Timothy Moore, Stuart Harrison, Kerry and Lindsay Clare, Peter Stutchbury, Chloe Beevers, Lindsay Johnston, Peter Tonkin

Nexus reflected on the past, experimented with the urban condition and imagined viable alternatives for what the city may come to mean. Invited speakers presented their experiences and thoughts on city and place making, associated experimental architecture, interdisciplinary practice and grassroots urban renewal.[5]

2015 Melbourne[edit]

Title: People

2017 Sydney[edit]

Title: Agency

Speakers: Yoshiharu Tsukamoto, Julie Eizenberg, Stacie Wong, Peter Rich, Virginia San Fratello, Marc Vlessing, Kieran Wong, Emma Williamson, Rober Besson, Jeremy Till, Julian Bolleter, Clinton Cole, Clare Sowden

Workshops: The Bays, Cave Urban, BTB Architecture, Jiri Lev, COX Architecture, Stewart Hollenstein, Peter Rich Architects, Sydney Architecture Walks, CHROFI, Candelapas Associates, Scale Architecture, Lendlease, Durbach Block Jaggers, CplusC Architectural Workshop, BVN, Architectus, Rena Architects, Lahznimmo Architects, Johnson Pilton Walker, AR-MA, WeLiveHere, Save Our Sirius, Terroir, MADE by Opera House, Miguel Rodriguez Casselas

Agency 2017 explored three sub-themes: Agency to cultivate, Agency to act and Agency to Catalyse. Each Session run across a whole day and was anchored by practitioners and academics from Australia, New Zealand and around the world.[6]


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