Australia–Barbados relations

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Australia–Barbados relations
Map indicating locations of Barbados and Australia



Australia–Barbados relations are foreign relations between Australia and Barbados. Neither country has a resident ambassador. The regional Australian High Commissioner to Barbados is accredited from Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago. Barbados is represented in Australia through its High Commission in Ottawa, (Canada). Barbados maintains an honorary consul and a tourist office[1] in Australia. Barbados and Australia established diplomatic relations on 7 January 1974. Both countries are members of the Commonwealth of Nations, and comprised as former parts of the British Empire.


Barbados and Australia established diplomatic relations on 7 January 1974 with J. C. Ingram as the first High Commissioner.[2] In 2001, Winfred Peppinck was appointed as High Commissioner.[3] In 2004, due in part to the robust trade by Australian companies with Trinidad and Tobago's oil sector the Australian government moved the regional Australian High Commission from Bridgetown, Barbados to Port of Spain in Trinidad and Tobago. It now serves Barbados and 13 other Caribbean countries.[4][5] The official opening of the new building was made on 14 December 2006.[6] By 2010, Philip Kentwell held the position of High Commissioner, now renamed Plenipotentiary Representative of Australia to the Caribbean Community.[7] Kentwell remarked to the media that a new resident consulate was presently being planned for Barbados awaiting an official appointee to that post.[8]

Economic relations[edit]

Monthly value of Australian merchandise exports to Barbados (A$ millions) since 1988

In 2009, multinational BHP Billiton, headquartered in Melbourne, became the first company to be granted a concession to search for oil and gas in the maritime areas of Barbados.[9][10][11] The company was awarded offshore blocks in Carlisle Bay and Bimshire.[12][13] In 2011, the Barbados government minister of Finance stated that various legislation was remedied to allow the Australian energy company to begin exploration in the near-term.[14]

In 2009 both nations have given some consideration for the signing of a double taxation agreement between their two nations. Maxine McClean, the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade for Barbados said: "You will no doubt agree that the negotiation and conclusion of relevant agreements will result in increased foreign direct investment, trade and general co-operation to our mutual benefit. In this regard Barbados looks forward greatly to the enhancement of its relationship and co-operation with Australia."[15]

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