Australia–Brunei relations

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Australia–Brunei relations
Map indicating locations of Australia and Brunei



Australia–Brunei relations refers to bilateral foreign relations between Australia and Brunei. Australia has a high commission in Bandar Seri Begawan, and Brunei has a high commission in Canberra.[1]


Relations between the two of the countries can be traced back during World War II when the Australian Army played a crucial role to liberating Brunei from Japanese occupation in 1945.[2] While the present relations between the two countries were established since 1984 when Australia became one of the first countries to establish diplomatic relations with Brunei.[1][2][3] Both countries also has enjoy a warm relationship as before 1959 when Brunei achieved self-government.[4] Now, the relations were mainly focused to defence and security, education, as well as on trade.[4]

Economic relations[edit]

Monthly value (A$ millions) of merchandise imported to Australia from Brunei since 1988
Monthly value (A$ millions) of merchandise exported from Australia to Brunei since 1988

From 2012–2013, Brunei was ranked as Australia's 39th largest trading partner with the total bilateral trade between the two countries reached U$1.026 billion.[4] Brunei crude petroleum comprising U$978 million of the total trade.[4] There is also a number of Australian teachers and other professionals work in Brunei while Australia became one of the destination for Bruneian students.[4]

Security relations[edit]

Both countries enjoys a defence relations particularly in military exercises and trainings.[5]


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