Australia–Qatar relations

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Australia-Qatar relations
Map indicating locations of Australia and Qatar


Monthly value of Australian merchandise exports to Qatar (A$ millions) since 1988
Monthly value of Qatari merchandise exports to Australia (A$ millions) since 1988

Australia–Qatar relations refer to bilateral relations between the Commonwealth of Australia and the state of Qatar.

In 2012, Qatar opened an embassy in Canberra, Australia and an Ambassador to Qatar and the UAE was appointed, the first time an Ambassador to Qatar has been appointed. There are 3,000 Australians in Qatar.[1][2] In 2016, Australia opened an embassy in Doha, Qatar.[3]

Up to 2017, Hassad Food, which is an investment arm of the Qatar Investment Authority, had invested more than $500 million to buy prime agricultural land in Australia, to own 3,000 square kilometres, with five properties in New South Wales, one in Victoria, one in Queensland, three in South Australia and three in Western Australia. The company is proposing to invest another $500 million in Australia. Senator Bernardi has said, "We can have a debate and a discussion about the wisdom of foreign ownership of some of our strategic assets, but I do not know how anyone can justify a government that is recognised by its peers and our allies as the funder of terrorism owning such resources in our own country".[4][5]

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