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Australia's Strongest Man is an annual strongman contest consisting of exclusively Australian strength athletes. The event was established in 1993, the inaugural winner was Bill Lyndon who would go on to win the title a total of 5 times.

Official results - top three places[edit]

Year Champion Runner-Up 3rd Place
1993 Australia Bill Lyndon
1994 Australia Bill Lyndon
1995 Australia Nathan Jones
1996 Australia Bill Lyndon
1997 Australia Bill Lyndon
1998 Australia Bill Lyndon
1999 Australia Grant Edwards
2000 Fiji Derek Boyer
2001 Fiji Derek Boyer
2002 Fiji Derek Boyer
2003 Fiji Derek Boyer
2004 Fiji Derek Boyer
2005 Fiji Derek Boyer
2006 Fiji Derek Boyer
2007 Fiji Derek Boyer
2008 Fiji Derek Boyer Australia Eben LeRoux Australia Robbie Fernandez
2009 Fiji Derek Boyer Australia Eben LeRoux Australia Luke Reynolds
2010 Fiji Derek Boyer Australia Marc Wells Australia Eben LeRoux
2011[1] Fiji Derek Boyer Australia Eben LeRoux Australia Marc Wells
2012[2] Australia Mike Vrljic Australia Jordan Steffens Australia Marc Wells
2013 Not contested
2014 Australia Ben Simpson Australia Dan Macri Australia Marc Wells
2015 Australia Warrick Brant New Zealand Colm Woulfe Australia Luke Reynolds
2016 New Zealand Rongo Keene Australia Tyson Morissey Australia Travis Wieck

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