Australia (1992 film)

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Mohanlal as Formula 2 race driver in Australia
Mohanlal as Formula 2 race driver in Australia
Directed by Rajiv Anchal
Produced by Menaka Sureshkumar
Written by A. K. Sajan
Starring Mohanlal
Ramya Krishnan
Music by Raveendran
Cinematography J. Williams
Edited by N. Gopalakrishnan
Release date
Country India
Language Malayalam

Australia is a 1992 Malayalam-language unreleased Indian feature film directed by Rajiv Anchal, starring Mohanlal, Shankar, Ramya Krishnan and Jagadish[1][2][3]


Australia is a sports film starring Mohanlal as a Formula Two race driver, whose ambition is to win a Formula One championship.[4][5]


Australia is the story of Rahul, whose passion is to win a Formula One championship as he is a successful Formula Two racer and Alex, a millionaire, an avid motor sports fan as well. Both dream of making it big in Formula One. An accidental meeting makes them thick friends. Alex has full faith in Rahul and he does his best to achieve Rahul's ambition. But destiny has other ideas as Rahul gets severely injured in an accident. His face gets partially burned and he loses his confidence. How will Rahul face this scenario? Will his girl friend Sandra accept Rahul's scarface? Does Alex still has any plans for Rahul or is it the end of a dream for Rahul? Is it an accident or a plan to destroy Rahul? If it's a murder attempt, then who is behind it? All of these questions get answered in the climax.[6][7]



The film was abandoned after the first schedule due to creative differences and Film director Rajiv Anchal started another film named as Butterflies and used some scenes of racing which was shot for Australia in Butterflies title card[2][8][9]


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