Australia at the 2002 Commonwealth Games

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Australia at the
2002 Commonwealth Games
Flag of Australia.svg
CGAAustralian Commonwealth Games Association
in Manchester, England
Flag bearerOpening: Damian Brown
Closing:Ian Thorpe [1]
Ranked 1st
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British Empire Games
British Empire and Commonwealth Games
British Commonwealth Games
Commonwealth Games

Australia at the 2002 Commonwealth Games was represented by a team selected by the Australian Commonwealth Games Association (ACGA) and abbreviated AUS.

Australia officially became a member of the Commonwealth of Nations in 1931 under the Statute of Westminster having become independent of the UK in 1901.

Australia is one of only six countries to have competed in all of the Commonwealth Games held since 1930, although they did attend the 1911 Inter-Empire Championships as part of an Australasian team. This impressive international record extends to its participation in every Olympic Games in the modern era.

At the first Games in 1930 Australia won only 8 medals against England's 61. However, by the first Games of the 21st century held in the city of Manchester, Australia's medal tally had moved to 207, ahead of any other country including England's 165.


Results by event[edit]


Women's 100 Metres

Women's 100 Metres Hurdles

Women's 200 Metres

Men's 400 Metres

Women's 400 Metres Hurdles

Men's 800 Metres

Women's 800 Metres

Men's 1500 Metres

Women's 1500 Metres

Men's 5 000 Metres

Women's 5 000 Metres

Men's 10 000 Metres

Women's 10 000 Metres

Men's Marathon

Women's Marathon

Men's 4 x 100 Metres Relay

Women's 4 x 100 Metres Relay

Men's 4 x 400 Metres Relay

Women's 4 x 400 Metres Relay

Men's 20 Kilometre Walk

Women's 20 Kilometre Walk

Men's 50 Kilometre Walk

Men's Shot Put

Men's Javelin

Women's Javelin

Men's Hammer Throw

Women's Hammer Throw

Men's Long Jump

Men's High Jump

Men's Triple Jump

Men's Pole Vault

Women's Pole Vault

Women's Heptathlon

Men's Decathlon

Women's 800 Metres Wheelchair

Men's 100 Metres EAD


Men's Bantamweight Division (54 kg)

Men's Welterweight Division (67 kg)

Men's Middleweight Division (75 kg)

Men's Light Heavyweight Division (81 kg)


Men's 20 km Scratch Race

Women's 25 km Points Race

Women's 3 000 Metres Individual Pursuit

Men's 30K Points Race

Men's 4 000 Metres Individual Pursuit

Men's 4 000 Metres Team Pursuit

Women's 500 Metres Time Trial

Women's Cross Country (Mountain Bike)

Men's Road Race (187.2 km)

Men's Road Time Trial (46.8 km)

Men's Sprint



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