Australia women's national lacrosse team

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Australia women's national lacrosse team
Medal record
FIL Women's Lacrosse World Cup
Silver medal – second place 1982 Nottingham, England
Gold medal – first place 1986 Philadelphia, USA
Bronze medal – third place 1989 Perth, Australia
Bronze medal – third place 1993 Edinburgh, Scotland
Silver medal – second place 1997 Tokyo, Japan
Silver medal – second place 2001 High Wycombe, England
Gold medal – first place 2005 Annapolis, USA
Silver medal – second place 2009 Prague, Czech Republic
Bronze medal – third place 2013 Oshawa, Ontario
The World Games
Bronze medal – third place 2017 Wrocław, Poland

The Australia women's national lacrosse team represents Australia at women's lacrosse. It is governed by the Australian Lacrosse Association and is a full member of the Federation of International Lacrosse.[1] They have won the Women's Lacrosse World Cup twice, in 1986 and 2005, and have been runners-up 4 times.[2] They are currently ranked fourth in the world, finishing behind the United States, Canada and England at the 2017 FIL Women's Lacrosse World Cup, which was held in Guildford, Surrey, England,[3] while also finishing third in the 2017 World Games women's lacrosse tournament, held in Wrocław, Poland, behind the United States and Canada, but ahead of Great Britain[4].

Australia senior women's national lacrosse team 2017[5]
Number Name Club State
17 Rebecca BANYARD Wembley WA
1 Abbie BURGESS Footscray Vic
18 Verity CLOUGH Footscray Vic
20 Elizabeth HINKES Wembley WA
16 Ashtyn HIRON Phoenix WA
2 Courtney HOBBS Glenelg SA
21 Lauren HUNTER Williamstown Vic
24 Bree HUSSEY Newport Vic
4 Stella JUSTICE-ALLEN Footscray Vic
5 Rachel KIRCHHEIMER Newport Vic
12 Theadora KWAS Footscray Vic
3 Rebecca LANE Footscray Vic
23 Stephanie McNAMARA Newport Vic
9 Sarah MOLLISON Footscray Vic
7 Hannah NIELSEN Brighton SA
19 Beth VARGA Brighton SA
6 Bonnie WELLS Glenelg SA
8 Sachiyo YAMADA Caulfield Vic
11 Sarah LOWE Burnside SA
selected but withdrew through injury
14 Sue McSOLVIN Caulfield Vic
10 Hayley SOFARNOS Newport Vic
Team Personnel
head Trish ADAMS
asst Meredith CARRE
manager Kate SIMPSON
medical officer Megan BARNET
physiotherapist Cara GLEESON
myotherapist Kiara DiPIETRO
strength and
photography Erin GREGORY


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