27th Brigade (Australia)

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27th Brigade
Active 1940–1945
Country  Australia
Branch Australian Army
Type Infantry
Size Brigade

World War II

Duncan Maxwell

The 27th Brigade was a brigade-sized infantry unit of the Australian Army. The brigade was the last Second Australian Imperial Force infantry brigade raised for service during World War II. Originally formed on 13 November 1940 as part of the 9th Australian Division it was transferred to the 8th Australian Division.[1]

Arriving in Malaya in August 1941, the brigade later participated in the defence of British Malaya following the Japanese attack in December 1941. Throughout January 1942, the brigade fought several delaying actions around the west coast of the Malay Peninsula before the Allied forces were withdrawn to Singapore. At the conclusion of the Malayan Campaign, the 27th Brigade took part in the defence of Singapore, initially defending the Causeway area, before being pushed back towards the centre of the island. When the garrison surrendered on 15 February, the majority of the brigade's personnel were captured by the Imperial Japanese Army and subsequently spent the remainder of the war as prisoners of war in various camps throughout southeast Asia.[2]

Subordinate units[edit]

The following units were assigned to the 27th Brigade:[1][3]


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