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The Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering (ATSE) is an independent non-government organisation dedicated to the promotion in Australia of scientific and engineering knowledge to practical purposes. Founded in 1976 as the Australian Academy of Technological Sciences, it acquired its current name in 1987.[1][2]


The ATSE consists of an Assembly, a Board, a number of Board Committees, and about 15-20 professional and administrative staff.[3]

Board Committees[edit]

  • The Membership Committee (FTSE membership)
  • The Awards Committee (ATSE Clunies Ross Awards)
  • The Audit, Investment and Remuneration Committee
  • ATSE Divisions


List of Presidents[edit]


Royal Fellows[edit]

The Academy inducted its Royal Fellow, HRH Prince Phillip, Duke of Edinburgh KG KT OM GBE AC PC FRS FAA FTSE, in 1977.

Foundation Fellows[edit]

Foundation Fellows include:

Honorary Fellows[edit]

The first Honorary Fellow, Sir Mark Oliphant, was appointed during the 1976 inauguration ceremony; he was Governor of South Australia at the time.

Other Honorary Fellows include:


The Academy has more than 800 Fellows.[1]

Clunies-Ross Award[edit]

The Clunies-Ross Foundation was originally founded in 1959 to perpetuate the memory of Sir Ian Clunies Ross, and promote the development of science and technology in Australia’s beneficial interest. In November 2002, the Foundation was brought under the umbrella of the ATSE.[7]

The Clunies Ross National Science & Technology Award was established in 1991. It is now called the ATSE Clunies Ross Award, and is awarded for the application of science and technology for the economic, social or environmental benefit of Australia.[7]

A catalogue of awardees and the reasons for their awards can be found on the ATSE website.[8]

ATSE submissions[edit]

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