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The Australian Antarctic Data Centre is a section of the Australian Antarctic Division, which forms part of the Australian Government, Commonwealth of Australia, in the Department of the Environment and Energy.

AADC services form the backbone of data collection and data management in Australia's Antarctic Science Program.


  • Managing science data from Australia's Antarctic research (acquiring, indexing, storing, disseminating, linking and data mining)
  • Mapping Australia's areas of interest in the Antarctic region
  • Managing Australia's Antarctic state of the environment reporting
  • Fabricating, installing and managing Australia's Antarctic station tide gauges
  • Providing advice and education and a range of other products


The AADC undertakes its role in alignment with the National Antarctic data management policy.

Scientific data are key (and highly valuable) outputs of Australia's Antarctic Science Program and therefore should be managed for posterity.

Article III.1.c of the Antarctic Treaty states that "to the greatest extent feasible and practicable" ... "scientific observations and results from Antarctica shall be exchanged and made freely available"

The Australian Antarctic Data Centre participates in the WorldWideScience global science gateway.

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