List of Australian Army medical units in World War I

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Australian Field Dressing Station during the Battle of Messines, 7 June 1917

The following is a list of Australian Army medical units in World War I.

Field Ambulance[edit]

Australian Imperial Force field ambulance personnel

1st Division (Australia)[edit]

2nd Division (Australia)[edit]

3rd Division (Australia)[edit]

4th Division (Australia)[edit]

5th Division (Australia)[edit]

6th Division[edit]

(Only partially formed, and was disbanded prior to completion of assembly.)

Light Horse Field Ambulance[edit]

ANZAC Mounted Division[edit]

Australian Mounted Division[edit]

Camel Field Ambulance[edit]

Casualty Clearing Station[edit]

Stationary Hospital[edit]

Infectious Diseases Hospital[edit]

Australian Flying Corps Hospital[edit]

Australian General Hospital[edit]

Australian Auxiliary Hospitals[edit]

Sanitary Sections[edit]

Special Medical Units[edit]

Convalescent And Command Depots[edit]

Convalescent Depot[edit]

Command Depot[edit]

Hospital Ships[edit]

Temporary Hospital Ships[edit]

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