Australian Capital Territory Emergency Services Agency

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A.C.T. Emergency Services Agency
ACT Emergency Services Agency logo.svg
Agency overview
JurisdictionGovernment of the Australian Capital Territory
Annual budgetA$161.279m [1]
Agency executives
Parent agencyJustice and Community Safety Directorate
Child agencies

The Australian Capital Territory Emergency Services Agency (ACT ESA) was established by the Emergencies Act 2004 (ACT), which came into effect on 1 July 2004.[2] The mission of the ACT ESA is to protect and preserve life, property and the environment in the ACT.

The ACT Emergency Services Agency (ESA) is the ACT Government organisation charged with providing emergency management services to the Canberra community.

The ESA Mission is “We work together to care and protect through cohesive operations, collaborative management and a unified executive”.

The ESA workforce profile includes over 2500 full time and volunteer personnel.


The Commissioner, ESA reports to Director-General of the Justice & Community Safety Directorate (JACS), who is responsible to the Minister for Police and Emergency Services. The ACT ESA comprises: four emergency service agencies and several support areas, including: People and Culture, Governance and Logistics, Risk & Planning Services, Emergency Media and Broadcasting Services. The four operational agencies are:



Year Total Cost
2019/20 A$161.279m [3]
2018/19 A$147.924m [4]
2017/18 A$141.531m [5]
2016/17 A$143.929m
2008/09 A$66.794m [6]
2007/08 A$60.421m [7]
2006/07 A$59.157m [8]
2005/06 A$53.495m [9]
2004/05 A$44.813m [10]


1993–2004 Emergency Services Bureau[edit]

Prior to 1 July 2004, emergency services in the ACT were delivered by the Emergency Services Bureau, an agency of the ACT Department of Justice and Community Safety.

2004–2006 Emergency Services Authority[edit]

The Emergencies Act 2004 (ACT) established the ESA as a statutory authority.

2006– now Emergency Services Agency[edit]

In the 2006-07 Australian Capital Territory budget, the ACT Government announced that the ESA would again be subsumed by the ACT Department of Justice and Community Safety, effective 1 July 2006.

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