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The Australian Centre for Christianity and Culture is a national Christian ecumenical centre that encourages dialogue and cooperation amongst Christian churches and between Christianity and other faiths, as well as exploring issues relating to reconciliation in Australia and the interface between Christian faith and Australian culture. The Centre is affiliated with Charles Sturt University, United Theological College, Sydney and the adjacent Saint Mark's National Theological Centre.


The site of the ACCC is on a small knoll overlooking Lake Burley Griffin on Kings Avenue and immediately south of the Parliamentary Triangle in the heart of Canberra, the national capital of Australia.

Atop the site is a tall, stylised, steel cross, on the centreline of the major axis of the Centre's building plan. Down this axis is a ceremonial fire pit, then a grassed amphitheatre area that will eventually be enclosed, then the main building of the ACCC's auditorium and chapel.

The site also has areas for contemplation: a pool at the base of the cross, and a labyrinth towards the lake.

The administration building is near the St Mark's facility on the side street.



The Centre has a Board with a wide representation of Australian Christian denominations and communities. Members include:

Former Board members have included:

Executive Director[edit]

The first ED, from 1999, was Reverend Dr David Millikan, former head of religious programming with the Australian Broadcasting Commission, founding director of the Zadok Centre, commentator and filmmaker.


A small secretariat operates the centre.

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