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In Melbourne, the Federal Court is housed with other federal courts such as the High Court and the Federal Circuit Court of Australia in the Federal Court Building on the corner of La Trobe Street and William Street

The Federal Court of Australia is an Australian superior court of record which has jurisdiction to deal with most civil disputes governed by federal law (with the exception of family law matters), along with some summary (less serious) criminal matters. Cases are heard at first instance by single Judges. The Court includes an appeal division referred to as the Full Court comprising three Judges, the only avenue of appeal from which lies to the High Court of Australia. In the Australian court hierarchy, the Federal Court occupies a position equivalent to the Supreme Courts of each of the states and territories. In relation to the other Courts in the federal stream, it is equal to the Family Court of Australia, and superior to the Federal Circuit Court. It was established in 1976 by the Federal Court of Australia Act.

The Chief Justice of the Federal Court is James Allsop.

Original jurisdiction[edit]

The Federal Court has no inherent jurisdiction. Its jurisdiction flows from statute. The Court's original jurisdiction include matters arising from Commonwealth legislation such as, for example, matters relating to taxation, trade practices, native title, intellectual property, industrial relations, corporations, and bankruptcy.

Appellate jurisdiction[edit]

The Federal Court of Australia also has appellate jurisdiction from the Federal Circuit Court of Australia on all matters, with the exception of family law, where the Family Court of Australia has appellate jurisdiction.[citation needed] The Court also exercises general appellate jurisdiction in criminal and civil matters on appeal from the Supreme Court of the Australian Capital Territory and the Supreme Court of Norfolk Island.[citation needed] The Court also exercises appellate jurisdiction in appeals from State Supreme Courts in some federal matters.[citation needed]

Current Judges of the Federal Court[edit]

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