Australian Federation of AIDS Organisations

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Founded 1987
Focus HIV, advocacy, policy, health promotion
  • Sydney
Area served
Australia / Asia-Pacific
Key people
Rob Lake (Executive Director) Willie Rowe (President)

The Australian Federation of AIDS Organisations (AFAO), an Australian non-profit organisation, is the national federation for the community response to HIV in Australia.[1] AFAO advocates for its member organisations, promotes medical and social research into HIV/AIDS and its effects, develops and formulates policy on HIV/AIDS issues, and provides HIV policy advice to Commonwealth, State and Territory Governments.


AFAO’s members are:[2]

Internationally, AFAO contributes to the development of effective policy and program responses to HIV/AIDS at the global level, particularly in the Asia Pacific region.[3][4]


AFAO is a founder member of the National LGBTI Health Alliance.[5]


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