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The committees of the Australian House of Representatives are committees of Member of Parliament, established by the Australian House of Representatives, for purposes determined by that body.

Federation Chamber[edit]

The Federation Chamber, formerly the Main Committee, is an additional debating chamber for uncontroversial committee reports and papers presented to the House. All MPs are members of the Federation Chamber.

Joint committees[edit]

Joint committees are established by both chambers of the Australian parliament and include members of both chambers. e.g. Public Accounts and Audit Committee.

Standing committees[edit]

The House has a two types of standing committees:[2]

  • investigative — inquiries on matters of public policy or government administration. They usually match the portfolios of the Government. e.g. Education and Vocational Training
  • domestic or internal — operation of the House. e.g. Procedure, Privileges, Members' Interests

Under the Standing Orders of the House of Representatives, standing committees are appointed for the life of the Parliament.

House Committees of the 43rd Parliament[edit]

Standing Committees[edit]

House of Representatives committee room, Parliament House, Canberra

There are 15 House standing committees:[1]

  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Affairs
  • Agriculture, Resources, Fisheries and Forestry
  • Appropriations and Administration
  • Climate Change, Environment and the Arts
  • Economics
  • Education and Employment
  • Health and Ageing
  • Infrastructure and Communications
  • Petitions
  • Privileges and Members' Interests
  • Procedure
  • Publications
  • Regional Australia
  • Selection
  • Social Policy and Legal Affairs

Select Committees[edit]

There are currently no House Select Committees.

Joint Committees administered by the House[edit]

There are 12 joint committees administered by the House:

  • Broadcasting of Parliamentary Proceedings
  • Cyber-Safety (Select)
  • Electoral Matters
  • Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade
  • Intelligence and Security
  • Migration
  • National Broadband Network
  • National Capital and External Territories
  • Public Accounts and Audit
  • Public Works
  • Publications
  • Treaties

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