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Australian Karting Association

The Australian Karting Association Incorporated (AKA) is the association formed in 1966 that was appointed by FIA and CAMS to control and administer the sport of kart racing in Australia.

The purposes of the AKA as outlined on its website include:

  • the promotion and protection of kart racing,
  • the promotion of excellence and just & honourable practices in kart racing
  • to suppress malpractices
  • the promotion and organisation of kart meetings
  • other functions for members and to do all such acts that in the opinion of the AKA are for general benefit of members or of karting.

The AKA Inc has six member associations who represent individual states in Australia. These six state karting associations include:[1]

  • the Kart Control Council of Tasmania Inc.,
  • Karting Council of South Australia Inc.,
  • Karting Association of New South Wales Inc.,
  • Queensland Karting Council Inc.,
  • Victorian Karting Association Inc.
  • W.A. Kart Association (Inc.).

The AKA's latest partners include BAM Tours,[2] Pettaras Press[3] & Orrcon[4]

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