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Australian National Kennel Council
Typekennel club
Legal statuscctive
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The Australian National Kennel Council is the coordinating kennel club of Australia.[1] It is a member of the Fédération Cynologique Internationale.


The Australian National Kennel Council is the peak body for Australia's state-based kennel clubs, which are:[2]

  • Australian Capital Territory Canine Association Inc (Dogs ACT)
  • Canine Association of Western Australia Inc (Dogs West)
  • Canine Control Council (Queensland) (Dogs Qld)
  • North Australian Canine Association Inc (Dogs NT)
  • Royal New South Wales Canine Council Ltd (Dogs NSW)
  • South Australia Canine Association Inc (Dogs SA)
  • Tasmanian Canine Association Inc (Dogs Tas)
  • Victorian Canine Association Inc (Dogs Vic)

It maintains stud books for recognised dog breeds, and provides governance for dog shows, dog trials and canine events. It is a member of the Fédération Cynologique Internationale, and the international representative of the kennel clubs of Australia.[3]


The first meeting to consider forming the Australian National Kennel Council occurred in April 1949 during that year's Sydney Royal Easter Show. It was not until April 1958 that a constitution was drafted and presented at the Royal Easter Show, with it being approved and the council forming in September that year at the Royal Melbourne Show.[4]

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