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ANU Union Inc.
Motto live uni life
Institution Australian National University
Location Building 20, ANU, Acton ACT 2601
Established 1965
Members 22,000
Affiliations Australasian Campus Union Managers' Association

The Australian National University Union Incorporated (ANU Union), established in 1965, is an inactive not for profit association that previously operated commercial premises at The Australian National University. It is not to be confused with the Australian National University Student Association, which despite its name, is recognised as the University's Students' Union.


The Union was set up in 1965 to provide a meeting place for students, graduates and staff. The original charter indicated that the Union would be an incorporated body based on “sound business principles”.

The Union evolved from the Student’s Association. It concentrated on small scale activities such as debates, films, music, food and even art exhibitions. In 1965 the Union was established in what is now the Pauline Griffin Building and in 1973 it moved to the former Union Building in Union Court.

Due to the redevelopment of Union Court, the Union vacated its premises in 2017 and does not currently maintain a physical presence or operate any services. It is likely the Union will be wound up or alternatively amalgamated with another student-run association on campus.


All students of the University are automatically ANU Union members. Membership is also open to ANU staff and graduates.[1]


The objects of the Union are:

  1. to provide a recognised meeting place and social centre for its members;
  2. to promote the intellectual, social and general welfare of the University community, and
  3. actively to encourage and support all ANU clubs and societies which include members of the Union.[2]

Union Business Operations[edit]

ANU Union previously managed catering and retail operations in the Union Building, including ANU Bar.

Board of directors[edit]

The Union Board is the governing body of the ANU Union. It is responsible for keeping the management of the ANU Union accountable, ensuring fiscal stability and guiding the Union’s strategic direction. The Board conducts these functions through regular Board meetings and through liaison with the Business Manager. The Board is made up of nine Directors: six undergraduates, one post graduate, and two university representatives.

Undergraduate board members are elected for two years, the post graduate board member is elected for a one year term, and the university board members are appointed indefinitely by the university.

In 2018, all undergraduate and postgraduate board members were elected unopposed. Four of the five student members are members of the Australian Labor Party, continuing the perceived tradition of union directorship being a stepping stone to a career in politics.

Former Members of the Board[edit]

Prominent former members of the ANU Union's Board of Directors include:


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