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Australian NetGuide
The final issue of Australian NetGuide in 2009
The final issue of Australian NetGuide in 2009
First issue 1998
Final issue 8 July 2009

Australian NetGuide was originally established in Australia by OzEmail as that Internet service provider's member publication.

History and profile[edit]

Australian NetGuide was started by New Zealand-based company Industrial Press in 1998.[1][2] It was transformed into an A5 magazine targeting home internet users. Australian and New Zealand NetGuide magazine were sold to Australian Consolidated Press in 2003.[1][2] The magazine ceased publication in 2009,[3] merging with PC User (now TechLife).[1] NetGuide's last issue appeared on 8 July 2009[1] and its final editor was Gail Lipscombe.

In 2004 the circulation of Australian NetGuide was 43,600 copies.[2] It was 16,047 copies just before its closure.[2]


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