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Australian New Zealanders
Total population
62,712 (by birth, 2013 Census)
22,467 (by ancestry, 2013)
Regions with significant populations
Australian-born people by region
Auckland 19,593
Canterbury 8,520
Wellington 6,915
Waikato 6,096
Bay of Plenty 4,194
Otago 3,897

Australian New Zealanders refers to New Zealanders whose origins are in Australia, as well as Australian migrants and expatriates based in New Zealand.

According to the 2013 Census, there were 62,712 Australian-born people living in New Zealand, a slight decrease from 62,742 at the 2006 Census.[1]

Both Australia and New Zealand share historical, cultural and geographical connections, as well as being Commonwealth realms. Migration flows between the two countries have been constant and evenly throughout history from colonial times.

Australians in New Zealand are eligible for all WINZ payments.[citation needed] They become eligible for tertiary student allowances after two years and can apply for citizenship after three years.[2]

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