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Australian Office in Taipei
President International Tower 20080120.jpg
President International Tower
Agency overview
Formed1981 (as Australian Commerce and Industry Office)[1]
2012 (as Australian Office in Taipei)[2]
Jurisdiction Taiwan
HeadquartersXinyi, Taipei, Taiwan
Minister responsible
  • Gary Cowan, Representative[3][4]
WebsiteAustralian Office Taipei

The Australian Office in Taipei (Chinese: 澳洲辦事處; pinyin: Àozhōu Bànshì Chù) represents Australian interests in Taiwan in the absence of formal diplomatic relations, functioning as a de facto embassy.[5] The Office is headed by a Representative, currently Gary Cowan.[6]

Its counterpart in Australia is the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Australia in Canberra.[7]


It was established in 1981 as the Australian Commerce and Industry Office.[1] This was under control of the Australian Chamber of Commerce.[8] It adopted its present name in 2012.[2]

The Visa and Citizenship Office of the Australian Consulate-General in Hong Kong is responsible for consular matters for applicants in Taiwan.[9]

Before 1972, Australia recognised Taiwan as the "Republic of China", and had an embassy in Taipei, opened in 1966.[10] In 1972, diplomatic relations were ended following the decision of the government of Gough Whitlam to recognise the People's Republic of China.[11]

An unofficial organisation known as the Australia-Free China Society, established an office in 1974 to provide services for Australians visiting Taiwan, headed by Lu Chen-kai, Secretary-General of the Sino-Australian Cultural and Economic Association in Taipei.[12] In Australia, New South Wales MP Douglas Darby, President of the Australia-Free China Society, represented Taiwan in Australia.[13]


Name Image Start of term End of term Notes
Bill Mattingly 1981 1990 [14]
Rob O'Donovan 1990 1992 [14]
Colin Heseltine 1992 1997 [15]
Sam Gerovich Sam Gerovich (1).jpg 1997 2000 [15]
Frances Adamson Frances Adamson (1).jpg 2000 2005 [16]
Steve Waters 2005 2008 [17]
Alice Cawte Alice Cawte (2).jpg 2008 2011 [18]
Kevin Magee Kevin Magee (1).jpg 2011 2014 [19]
Catherine Raper Catherine Raper (1).jpg 2014 2018 [3]
Gary Cowan Gary Cowan (1).jpg 2018 present [6]

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