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Australian Paper
Industry Manufacturing
Founded 1895
Headquarters Melbourne, Australia
Products Reflex copy paper, Tudor envelopes, Tudor and Olympic stationery products, Postspeed, Saxton, Australian Copy Paper
Number of employees
Approximately 1,300[1]

Australian Paper is the only Australian manufacturer of office, printing and packaging papers and manufactures more than 600,000 tonnes of paper annually for Australia, New Zealand and other export markets.[2] Australian Paper was purchased from Paperlinx by Japan-based Nippon Paper Group in June 2009.[3]

Manufacturing Facilities[edit]

It has two manufacturing facilities: the Maryvale Mill (Latrobe Valley, Victoria) and the Preston manufacturing facility (Preston, Victoria).[4]

In February 2015 Australian Paper announced the closure of the Shoalhaven Paper Mill in Nowra, NSW.[5] The mill closed in July 2015.[6]

In April 2015 Australian Paper opened a new A$90 million paper recycling plant at the Maryvale Mill. The plant can process up to 80,000 tonnes of wastepaper a year.[7][8]

Environmental impact[edit]

Australian Paper has a contract with the Victorian Government for the period 1996-2030 of buying wood at a 1996 fixed price on the logs. This includes mountain ash timber, deemed by scientists to be of high conservation value.[9] In August 2011 Australian Paper withdrew from Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification, in order to be able to use wood from old-growth forest logging by VicForests, but remained under the certification of the Australian Forestry Standard. Their previous auditor SmartWood was suspended in September 2011 as result of an FSC internal audit.[10] Later the company announced that its FSC certification has been retained for all products except Reflex paper.[11] As of 2013, the Reflex 100% recycled paper is FSC certified.[12]

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