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The Australian People's Party is a name shared by a number of short-lived political parties in Australia's history.

From Federation to 1911 a party of that name existed contesting rural seats. It merged with the Commonwealth Liberal Party to form the People's Liberal Party.

In 1929, a party of that name endorsed a candidate in the Division of Martin in the Australian elections held that year attracting 4,450 votes which was 7.5% of the vote in that election [1].

George Apap of the Australian Workers' Union formed a party of the same name after an unsuccessful bid for the presidency of the South Australian Australian Labor Party [2]. In 1996, a candidate for the Australian People's Party contested the seat Joondalup in the West Australian election in 1996 achieving just over 300 votes [3].

The Australian People's Party appeared as a fictional political party in the 2003 film The Honourable Wally Norman, where it mistakenly nominates meatworker Wally Norman as a candidate in a Federal election.[4] The party has been widely thought to be based on the Labor Party.[citation needed]

In January 2010 the Australian People's Party was established again. This time Nathan Jones a teacher from NSW is aiming to form a new political party that is for the people of Australia and not a party for the politicians of Australia. Nathan's efforts did not come to fruition however. [5].

Most recently, both Eli Afram and Wade Bradley have re-established the party and set up a lengthy charter, notably addressing corruption and standard of living.


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