Australian Railways Union

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Full nameAustralian Railways Union
Date dissolved1 March 1993
merged intoPublic Transport Union
Members50,000 (1976)
AffiliationACTU, ALP
Office locationLabor Council Building, 377 Sussex St, Sydney

The Australian Railways Union (ARU) was an Australian trade union in existence from 1920 to 1993. The ARU was an industrial union, representing all types of workers employed in the rail industry, excluding locomotive enginedrivers and tradesmen in craft areas.


It was formed in September 1920, through the amalgamation of state-based unions in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia and Tasmania, and was federally registered as a union on 8 February 1921. It merged with three other public transport unions in 1993 to form the Australian Rail Tram and Bus Industry Union.[1][2]


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