Australian Salaried Medical Officers' Federation

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Australian Salaried Medical Officers Federation (logo).png
Full name Australian Salaried Medical Officers' Federation
Affiliation ACTU
Office location Glebe, New South Wales
Country Australia

The Australian Salaried Medical Officers' Federation (ASMOF) is an Australian trade union, affiliated with the Australian Council of Trade Unions, that represents doctors who receive salaries. In Australia doctors operate as self-employed trades-people, or as salaried employees of clinics, hospitals, or other organisations. ASMOF represents the interests of salaried doctors as employees. ASMOF has a federated state-based structure, with state branches playing a major role in its operation. The state-based structure of the union is largely a function of Australian states being primarily responsible for health care regulation and funding. ASMOF represents more than 15'000 doctors across Australia.


ASMOF affiliated with the ACTU in 1991. ASMOF was the result of a long federation process operating between different state-based salaried doctors' associations. In the early 1980s these organisations formed the Australian Council of Salaried Medical Officers' Organisations, though which they sought better coordination of the interests of doctors as employees.

State branches[edit]

Much of the history of ASMOF is the history of its state branches prior to federation.

  • The ASMOF (NSW) state branch was known as the Public Medical Officers' Association prior to 1991, an Association that had been in existence prior to 1972.
  • The Queensland branch, ASMOFQ, was only registered as a state based union in 2000.
  • In Tasmania and the Northern Territory, the state branch of ASMOF is housed under the state branch of the Australian Medical Association
  • SASMOA (SouthAustralian Medical Officers' Association) is a registered industrial association (Registered under the Fair Work Act 1994 (SA)) representing salaried doctors on issues relating to their salaries and conditions of employment. SASMOA was registered in 1973 and is run by salaried doctors for salaried doctors.

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