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Australian Screen Editors (ASE) is a guild dedicated to the pursuit and recognition of excellence in the arts, sciences and technology of motion picture film and televisual post production. The current President of ASE is Dany Cooper. Immediate past Presidents include Jason Ballantine, Dr Karen Pearlman, Lindi Harrison and Peter Whitmore. The first President was notable Australia editor Henry Dangar.

Formed in 1996 and with currently 300 members in all states, predominantly in NSW and Victoria, the guild aims to promote, improve and protect the role of editor as an essential and significant contributor to all screen productions.


Applications for ASE membership are invited from professional screen editors, assistant editors, students of screen editing and associated film industry professionals. Applicants must have a folio of significant editorial work in film and/or television. There are three types of memberships, full members, associate members and student members. Some notable members such as Jill Bilcock are members of both the Australian Screen Editors and American Cinema Editors. Members are not permitted to use the acronym "ASE" after their names on screen credits until they obtain ASE accreditation.


ASE accreditation is like an honorary degree given to members who have made a significant contribution to editing. There are currently 46 accredited members. Accreditation is presented at the annual ASE awards night and are given under the following guidelines.

  • It is an acknowledgement of a very strong body of work over a period of time.
  • It is given by editing peers and therefore has a high value attached to it.
  • It is an acknowledgement of an editor who has continued to pass on the craft of editing to those who want to learn.
  • It is an acknowledgement of an editor who has continued to work actively in promoting the values of good editing and editing practices.

Guild structure[edit]

The ASE has an executive committee based in Sydney and a sub committee in Melbourne who meet monthly to discuss issues and organise events such as talks by industry professionals and screenings.


ASE owns and operates both "Editsearch", an online based bulletin board for ASE members providing information on editorial related jobs, and a mentor scheme, where younger or less experienced members can gain work experience with senior industry professionals. In addition, ASE also provides a wealth of resources such as an online forum, technical articles and information about Australian editing culture as well as the history of editing. A newsletter is also published quarterly and distributed to members.


ASE awards and accreditation nights are held annually in Sydney. The award itself is called an "Ellie" and resembles a small bronze Elephant with its trunk up and the winning film as a rubber stamp on the bottom. Eligible members are presented with their ASE accreditation and awards in the following eleven categories are presented:

  • Short film
  • TV (factual)
  • TV (drama)
  • TV (comedy)
  • Documentary
  • Documentary (series)
  • Documentary (program)
  • Feature film
  • Commercials
  • Music Video
  • Open Content

The award for TV (comedy) is the most recent addition to the categories being added in 2014.

Best Editing in a Feature Film[edit]

Best Editing in a Documentary Feature[edit]

  • 2014: Once my Mother, Denise Haslem ASE
  • 2013: 'Show Me The Magic, Scott Walton
  • 2012: Paul Kelly: Stories of Me, Sally Fryer ASE
  • 2011: Girls Own War Stories, Antoinette Ford
  • 2010: My Asian Heart, Andrew Arestides ASE
  • 2009: A Good Man, Nicholas Beauman ASE
  • 2008: The Cars That Ate China, Andrew Arestides ASE
  • 2007: Choir of Hard Knocks, Steve Robinson
  • 2006: Unfolding Florence, Nick Beauman ASE

Best Editing in a Documentary Program[edit]

  • 2014: Cronulla Riots – The Day That Shocked the Nation, Melanie Annan
  • 2013: Buckskin, David Banbury
  • 2012: A Law Unto Himself, Andrea Lang ASE

Best Editing in a Documentary Series[edit]

  • 2014: Kakadu – Ep 4, Caspar Mazzotti
  • 2013: Desert War Ep 1, ‘Tobruk’, Lawrence Silvestrin ASE
  • 2012: Australian Story, ‘Streets with No Names’, Steven Baras-Miller

Best Editing in Television Drama[edit]

Best Editing in a Television Comedy[edit]

Best Editing in Television Factual[edit]

  • 2014: Taking On the Chocolate Frog – Ep 1, Marcos Moro
  • 2013: Kings Cross ER, Series 2, Ep 1, Bob Burns
  • 2012: Go Back To Where You Came From, Series 2, Episode 1, Orly Danon
  • 2011: On Trial, Episode 1, Denise Haslem ASE
  • 2010: The Science of Teens, Episode 4: Moods, Fiona Strain ASE
  • 2009: Bondi Vet, Episode 12, Dave Redman
  • 2008: Charlotte & Jordans Runway to LA, Episode 2, Philippa Rowlands ASE
  • 2007: Jamie’s Kitchen, Australia, Episode 5, Philippa Rowlands ASE

Best Editing in a Commercial[edit]

  • 2014: RACQ ‘Rescue Me’, Sue Schweikert ASE
  • 2013: John West ‘Running With The Bears’, David Whittaker
  • 2012: Volkswagen Tiguan ‘Cross Country’, Drew Thompson ASE
  • 2011: AB ‘3 Year Olds’, Bernard Garry ASE
  • 2010: ANZ ‘The Chase’, Peter Whitmore ASE
  • 2008: Toyota ‘Earth’s Greatest 4WD’, Drew Thompson ASE

Best Editing in a Music Video[edit]

  • 2014: Belle Roscoe ‘Let Me Cut in’, Scott Walmsley
  • 2013: ‘Come Into My Head’ Kimbra, John Gavin
  • 2012: Angus Stone ‘Bird on the Buffalo’, Peter Barton
  • 2011: Schvendes ‘Lay the Noose’, Matt Osborne
  • 2010: The Thomas Oliver Band ‘Goin’ Home’, Katie Hinsen

Best Editing in a Short Film[edit]

  • 2014: Godel Incomplete, Gwendalina Sputore
  • 2013: No Quarter, Alexandre Guterres
  • 2012: The Wilding, Anthony Cox
  • 2011: Something Fishy, Melanie Annan
  • 2010: The Love Song of Iskra Prufrock, Adrian Chiarella
  • 2009: Bleeders, Zen Rosenthal
  • 2008: The Ground Beneath, Adrian Rostirolla
  • 2007: 25 cents, Richard Greenhalgh
  • 2006: Brother, Hayley Lake

Best Editing in Open Content[edit]

  • 2014: Canon, Jessica Mutascio
  • 2013: Fragments of Friday Ep 5, Ann Foo
  • 2012: Event Zero, Episode 4, Julian Harvey


  • 2014: Karin Steininger ASE
  • 2013: Christopher Branagan ASE, Deborah Peart ASE

Lifetime Membership Award[edit]

  • 2014: Nicholas Beauman ASE
  • 2013: Mike Honey

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