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Softball Australia
Softball Australia logo.svg
Sport Softball
Jurisdiction Australia
Founded 1938
Affiliation World Baseball Softball Confederation
Regional affiliation Oceania Softball Confederation

Australia's softball history began in 1939 when Gordon Young, Director of Physical Education in NSW, began to promote the game in schools and colleges.[1] In 1942, during World War II, US army sergeant William Duvernet organised softball as a recreation for US nurses stationed in Victoria. Another American, Mack Gilley, introduced the game to Queensland in 1946.[1] Australia's first inter-state championship was played in Brisbane in 1947 and was won by Victoria. The second national championship was held in Melbourne two years later. It was at this championship that the Australian Softball Federation was formed with Queensland, Victoria, South Australia and New South Wales being the founding members. The other States of Australia have since joined. Eight Australian Championships are now conducted each year - Women's, Men's, Under 23 Women and Men, Under 19 Women and Men, and Under 16 Girls and Boys. Softball has been a major sport in the schools program for some time now and it is estimated that more than 250,000 children play the game each year.

State bodies[edit]

National Championships[edit]

Each year the Australian Softball Federation holds 8 National Championships. These are hosted by the various state bodies around Australia on a rotational roster.


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