Australian Sports Party

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Australian Sports Party
Founded 2013
Dissolved 2015 (Deregistered)
Colours Blue

The Australian Sports Party was a registered federal political party of Australia formed in 2013 and officially deregistered in August 2015.[1] The party aimed "for every Australian to be involved in sport and recreation to assist in living a healthy and enjoyable lifestyle in a strong community."[2] It contested the Senate election of 2013 and succeeded in having Wayne Dropulich elected as a senator for Western Australia[3] before that state's Senate count was declared void. The party failed to win a seat at the 2014 Western Australian Senate election held on 5 April 2014. The party was involved in Glenn Druery's Minor Party Alliance which aimed to assist election of minor-party candidates through manipulation of preferential-vote flows in conformity with the official voting regulations.[4][5]