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Australian Sports Party
Founded 2013
Colours Blue
House of Representatives
0 / 150
0 / 76
Politics of Australia
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The Australian Sports Party is a political party of Australia formed in 2013.[1] The Australian Sports Party's vision is "for every Australian to be involved in sport and recreation to assist in living a healthy and enjoyable lifestyle in a strong community."[2] It ran candidates for the Senate of Australia in the 2013 federal election.[3] Wayne Dropulich was elected to the Australian Senate in the final count of the 2013 federal election before the Western Australian Senate count was declared void. A 2014 Western Australian Senate election was held on April 5 with the Sports Party failing to win a seat.

Although it is a minority party that received fewer than 3,000 first preference votes, under the Australian Single Transferable Vote system it was predicted for a length of time that the party would receive the required 123,304 total votes to fulfil a Senate quota in Western Australia. With the prospect of the Motoring Enthusiast and Sports parties each winning a senate seat despite getting to the 14.3 percent quota with preference flows from record-low primary votes of 0.5 percent in Victoria and 0.2 percent in Western Australia respectively, various parties and MPs including the incoming government are looking at Senate reform.[4][5][6] The party has been involved in Glenn Druery's Minor Party Alliance.[7][8]