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This article is about the political party. For the similarly named community group, see Sustainable Population Australia.
Sustainable Population Party
Leader William Bourke
President William Bourke[1]
Founder William Bourke[1]
Founded 2010
Headquarters Sydney[2]
Politics of Australia
Political parties

The Sustainable Population Party, formerly the Stable Population Party of Australia, is a minor Australian political party formed in 2010.[2] It opposes population growth and advocates a sustainable population for Australia, citing environmental and economic concerns.[3] It was registered in 2010 to give all Australians a choice on population.[4] It ran at least two Senate candidates in every state and territory in the 2013 Australian federal election and many local candidates also.[5] The Sustainable Population Party ran a candidate in the Griffith by-election[3] and also contested the April 2014 re-run in Western Australia of the 2013 federal Senate elections.[5] The party endorsed a local candidate for the 2015 Canning by-election - Angela Smith. She is an environmental scientist and resident of Canning, with links to the region going back 30 years. In September 2015 the party was campaigning on a number of key issues including education, paid jobs, infrastructure, health care, renewable energy and housing affordability.

Opposition to a "big Australia"[edit]

The Sustainable Population Party opposes Kevin Rudd's belief in a big Australia, saying that a "big Australia" population would be "disastrous",[6] is "way beyond [Australia's] long-term carrying capacity"[6] and that "population growth is not inevitable".[6] Queensland coordinator Aaron Webber "became alarmed when hearing of Kevin Rudd's push for a 'Big Australia'".[7] The party claims that "'stable population' policies would mean a more sustainable 26 million at 2050, not the Labor/Liberal 'big Australia' plan for 36 million and rising."[4] The party ran a candidate in the Griffith by-election, for Kevin Rudd's old seat.[3]


The Sustainable Population Party missed out on registration for the 2010 federal election by several days, but leader William Bourke ran unsuccessfully for the Senate in New South Wales on an independent ticket with poet Mark O'Connor. The party was registered shortly after the election on 23 September 2010.[2][8] The party was registered as "Stable Population Party of Australia", but on 28 February 2014 the Australian Electoral Commission approved a name-change to the "Sustainable Population Party".[2]

The party has been involved in Glenn Druery's Minor Party Alliance.[9][10]

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