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The Australian Super Sedan Championship is a Dirt track racing championship held each year to determine the Australian national champion. The championship is held over a single meeting (usually on consecutive nights) and has run annually since the 1971/72 season and is awarded to a different state of Australia each year by the national controlling body, the Australian Saloon Car Federation (ASCF).

The first championship was run in Australia's capital city of Canberra at the now closed Fraser Park Speedway (later renamed Tralee Speedway) and was won by Kevin Dalton of Victoria.

The championship is separate to the National Super Sedan Series which has been in operation since 2006.

New South Wales driver Grenville Anderson (1951-2004), holds the record for most championship wins with four titles to his name - 1975/76 (Rowley Park Speedway in Adelaide, South Australia), 1977/78 (Claremont Speedway in Perth, Western Australia), 1979/80 (Bagot Park in Darwin, Northern Territory), and 1992/93 (Latrobe Speedway in Latrobe, Tasmania). Anderson also finished second in 1978/79 at the Charlton Speedway in Toowoomba, Queensland, and was easily the quickest driver at the 1991/92 championship at Speedway Park in Adelaide, not losing a race until a crash in his final heat saw his car severely damaged. Born in 1951, Anderson died in 2004 as a result of head injuries he sustained during a crash when running hot laps at Brisbane's Archerfield Speedway before the first night of the 1993/94 Australian Championships where he was the defending champion.

The current (2016/17) Australian Super Sedan champion is Queensland driver Darren Kane who won his 3rd national title at the Attwell Park speedway in Albany, WA on 17 April 2017.

Winners since 1971[edit]

Year Venue City/State Winner Runner-up 3rd place
1971/72 Tralee Speedway Canberra, ACT Kevin Dalton (Vic) Alan Butcher (Qld) David House (NSW)
1972/73 Liverpool Speedway Sydney, NSW David House (NSW) Peter Crick (NSW) Paul Ash (NSW)
1973/74 Northern Park Melbourne, Vic David Wignall (NSW) Russell Hoffman (Qld) David House (NSW)
1974/75 Charlton Raceway Toowoomba, Qld David House (NSW) Kevin Drew (Qld) Neville Harper (Tas)
1975/76 Rowley Park Speedway Adelaide, SA Grenville Anderson (NSW) Peter Timberlake (Vic) David House (NSW)
1976/77 Carrick Speedway Carrick, Tas Allan Blake (WA) Merv Hargreaves (Qld) Howie Fiedler (Qld)
1977/78 Claremont Speedway Perth, WA Grenville Anderson (NSW) Frank Ashmore (Vic) Ben Ludlow (WA)
1978/79 Charlton Raceway Toowoomba, Qld Russell Hoffman (Qld) Grenville Anderson (NSW) Phil Marshall (Qld)
1979/80 Bagot Park Darwin, NT Grenville Anderson (NSW) Nev Pezutti (NSW) Daran Munro (Qld)
Year Venue City/State Winner Runner-up 3rd place
1980/81 Newcastle Motordrome Newcastle, NSW Alan Butcher (Qld) Adrian Anderson (NSW) John Leslight (NSW)
1981/82 Melbourne Speedbowl Melbourne, Vic John Cartwright (NSW) Cees Hendriks (Tas) John Leslight (NSW)
1982/83** Avalon Raceway
Premier Speedway
Speedway Park
Lara, Vic
Warrnambool, Vic
Virginia, SA
Cees Hendriks (Tas) Graham Lilford (NSW) Chas Kelly (Tas)
1983/84# Speedway Park Virginia, SA Chris Blunden (SA) Steve Stewart (SA) Gary Chippendall (Vic)
1984/85 Melbourne Speedbowl Melbourne, Vic Tony Grinstead (Vic) Peter Timberlake (Vic) Gary Chippendall (Vic)
1985/86 Speedway Park Virginia, SA Peter Aylett (Tas) Mark Weaver (Vic) Kym Cottrell (SA)
1986/87 Hobart Speedway New Norfolk , Tas Michael Long (Tas) Peter Aylett (Tas) Gary Reuter (SA)
1987/88 Archerfield Speedway Brisbane, Qld Ian Marshall (Qld) John Pyne (NSW) Tony Broso (NSW)
1988/89 Claremont Speedway Perth, WA John Singleton (WA) Peter Brook (WA) Peter Drew (SA)
1989/90 Newcastle Motordrome Newcastle, NSW John Pyne (NSW) Peter Garratt (NSW) Stu Robertson (NSW)
Year Venue City/State Winner Runner-up 3rd place
1990/91 Bendigo Raceway Bendigo, Vic Tony Grinstead (Vic) Wayne Randall (Qld) Nick Girdlestone (Qld)
1991/92 Speedway Park Virginia, SA Brad Scotcher (SA) John Leslight (NSW) Allan Baker (NSW)
1992/93 Latrobe Speedway Latrobe, Tas Grenville Anderson (NSW) Allan Baker (NSW) Ron Pyne (NSW)
1993/94 Archerfield Speedway Brisbane, Qld John McGeorge (Qld) Ron Pyne (NSW) John Pyne (NSW)
1994/95 Claremont Speedway Perth, WA Ron Pyne (NSW) John Leslight (NSW) Ian Marshall (Qld)
1995/96 Newcastle Motordrome Newcastle, NSW John Pyne (NSW) Steve Francis (United States) Stuart Robertson (NSW)
1996/97 Northline Speedway Darwin, NT Peter Logue (Vic) John Pyne (NSW) Robert Gray (WA)
1997/98 Premier Speedway Warrnambool, Vic Mick Nicola (Vic) Allan Baker (NSW) Peter Logue (Vic)
1998/99 Borderline Speedway Mount Gambier, SA Ron Pyne (NSW) Darren Kane (Tas) Mick Nicola (Vic)
1999/2000 Hobart Speedway New Norfolk, Tas Ron Pyne (NSW) Darren Kane (Tas) Bill Miller (SA)
Year Venue City/State Winner Runner-up 3rd place
2000/01 Rockhampton Speedway Rockhampton, Qld Peter Logue (Vic) Allan Baker (NSW) John Pyne (NSW)
2001/02 Attwell Park Speedway Albany, WA Mick Nicola (Vic) Peter Logue (Vic) Jamie McHugh (Qld)
2002/03 Parramatta City Raceway Sydney, NSW Mick Nicola (Vic) John Leslight (NSW) Wayne Brims (Qld)
2003/04 Riverview Speedway Murray Bridge, SA Darren Kane (Qld) Jarrod Harper (Tas) David Nichols (Tas)
2004/05 Latrobe Speedway Latrobe, Tas Kevin Purton (Tas) Mick Nicola (Vic) Jarrod Harper (Tas)
2005/06 Charlton Raceway Toowoomba, Qld Kevin Purton (Tas) John Leslight (NSW) Lucas Roberts (Vic)
2006/07 Perth Motorplex Kwinana Beach, WA Michael Gee (Qld) Marc Giancola (WA) Wayne Randall (Qld)
2007/08 Timmis Speedway Mildura, Vic Jamie McHugh (Qld) Steve Jordan (Qld) Jarrod Harper (Tas)
2008/09 Lismore Speedway Lismore, NSW Darren Kane (Qld) Wayne Brims (NSW) Brad Smith (Tas)
2009/10 Speedway City Virginia, SA Jamie McHugh (Qld) Dave Gartner (SA) Wayne Randall (Qld)
Year Venue City/State Winner Runner-up 3rd place
2010/11 Latrobe Speedway Latrobe, Tas Steve Jordan (Qld) Jamie McHugh (Qld) Darren Kane (Qld)
2011/12 Brisbane International Speedway Brisbane, Qld Jarrod Harper (Tas) Lachlan Onley (NSW) Matt Pascoe (QLD)
2012/13 Perth Motorplex Kwinana Beach, WA Matt Pascoe (QLD) Lachlan Onley (NSW) Jamie Oldfield (WA)
2013/14 Riverview Speedway Murray Bridge, SA Kodee Brown (WA) Lachlan Onley (NSW) Darren Kane (Qld)
2014/15 Latrobe Speedway Latrobe, Tas Matt Pascoe (QLD) Kodee Brown (WA) Darren Kane (Qld)
2015/16 Rockhampton Speedway Rockhampton, Qld Callum Harper (Tas) Dave Gartner (SA) Darren Kane (Qld)
2016/17 Attwell Park Albany, WA Darren Kane (Qld) Dave Gartner (SA) Mat Pascoe (Qld)

** 1982-83 Championship was run over 3 rounds with an overall winner, runner up and 3rd place decided on points
## 1983-84 The name was changed from National Super Sedan - Open Division to Super Sedans

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