Australian White sheep

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Australian White
Australian White lambs
Australian White lambs
Country of origin Australia
Use Meat
Wool color White
An Australian White ram at the Sydney Royal Easter Show.

Australian White is a large, white breed of Australian meat sheep which was developed for Australian conditions. The Australian White sheep are a stabilised composite haired meat breed comprising White Dorper, Van Rooy, Poll Dorset and Texel genetics.


Work commenced on a breeding program by the Highveld White Dorper and Van Rooy sheep stud and the Tattykeel stud. Their aim was to produce a unique Australian white, shedding sheep breed to quickly produce large framed, heavy lamb carcases.They have strong legs that don`t suffer from foot rot.

Additionally, walking or mobility ability, good fertility and mothering instincts in the ewes and hardy lambs with good growth weights were required traits to be incorporated into the breed.[1]

In 2011 the Australian White sheep breed was shown at the Sydney Royal Easter Show for the first time.[citation needed]


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