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The Australian Wildlife Conservancy (AWC) is an Australian independent, non-profit organisation, working to conserve threatened wildlife and ecosystems in Australia, principally through the acquisition of extensive areas of land on which to establish conservation reserves (called 'sanctuaries'). These sanctuaries are managed for conservation and also support research programs. Funding comes from tax-deductible donations from the public as well as government grants for particular purposes, such as from the Australian Government’s National Reserve System Program.

In June 2007 AWC announced the establishment of a corporate partnership with Optus.[1] As of 2017 the AWC owns or manages 26 sanctuaries covering almost 4 million hectares, more land than any other non-government environment organisation in Australia.[1][2]


The origin of the organisation lies in a 1991 land purchase (of what is now Karakamia Sanctuary) by AWC’s founder, Martin Copley. In 2001 the AWC became a public charitable organization.[1]

In 2002 The AWC agreed to acquire four sanctuaries, Buckaringa, Dakalanta, Scotia and Yookamurra, for A$5.2m from Earth Sanctuaries Ltd (ESL), the company founded by Dr John Wamsley.[3]

AWC Sanctuaries[edit]


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