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The Australian Women's Rugby League is the governing body of female rugby league in Australia and other parts of Oceania and was established in 1993. It currently falls under the Australian Rugby League Commission which oversees its running and management but it took the association five years to be recognized by the Australian Rugby League.[1][2][3]

The AWRL is run at state level by its own governing organizations in the Queensland Women's Rugby League, New South Wales Women's Rugby League, Canberra Women's Rugby League and the Western Australian Women's Rugby League. The main women's competitions in Australia are the Sydney Metro. Women's Rugby League and the QWRL and Brisbane and District Women's Rugby League.[4]

At international level the Women's Australian side is commonly referred to as the Australian Jillaroos.

Since 1995 the AWRL has staged international fixtures against other women rugby league countries.

  • 1995 Australia vs New Zealand 2 Test Series
  • 1996 Australia vs Great Britain 3 Test Series
  • 1997 Australia vs New Zealand 2 Test Series
  • 1998 Australia vs Fiji 2 Test Series
  • 1999 Australia vs New Zealand 3 test series
  • 2000 1st Women's RL World Cup staged in Great Britain
  • 2001 Australia vs New Zealand test match
  • 2002 Australia vs Great Britain 3 test series
  • 2003 Australia vs New Zealand Maoris
  • 2nd Women's RL World Cup staged in New Zealand
  • 2004 Australia vs New Zealand 2 test series
  • 2005 Australian u21's vs Auckland u21's in Auckland

AWRL National Championships[edit]

  • 1998 - Queensland
  • 1999 - Canberra
  • 2008 - South East Queensland

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