Australian Workers Party

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Australian Workers Party
PresidentPeter Bell
SecretaryMark Ptolemy
FoundedFebruary 2017; 2 years ago (2017-02)
IdeologyModern Monetary Theory
Social democracy
Political positionCentre-left to left-wing
Colours          Orange and blue
SloganReal people, real voices, real choices

The Australian Workers Party (AWP) is an Australian political party which registered with the Australian Electoral Commission in February 2017[1].

AWP was formed in response to the continual expansion of economic neoliberalism pursued and implemented by successive Australian governments. The party holds that Australia's main political parties both follow neoliberal economic philosophies which have led to unacceptable levels of unemployment, underemployment, workforce casualisation, the deterioration of workers rights, worker exploitation, the emergence of the working poor and inefficient policies affecting Australia's workforce.

Whilst progressive in all of its policy areas and clearly standing for the ideals of "social and economic justice"[2], the party retains its focus on the wellbeing of workers and their families, macroeconomics and rejects neoliberal assertions which have become accepted as mainstream. As such, the party subscribes to the economic branch of Modern Monetary Theory and advocates an economy which prioritises full employment. Notably, the party advocates the implementation of a job guarantee among its policy platform.

AWP is yet to compete in a Federal or State election, but will be fielding candidates for the Senate and select House of Representatives seats in the 2019 Federal Election.


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