Australian cricket team in the West Indies in 1990–91

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The Australian cricket team toured the West Indies in the 1990–91 season to play a five-match Test series against the West Indies.

The West Indies won the series 2–1 with two matches drawn. The West Indies therefore retained the Sir Frank Worrell Trophy.

Australian squad[edit]

Australia had just defeated England 3–0 at home during the 1990–91 season. The team has recovered from the defeats of the mid 80s and there was hope the team could beat the West Indies in a series for the first time since 1975–76. Wisden wrote that the tour "began with exalted expectations of an epic contest between arguably the two strongest teams in the game."[1]

The Australian squad was as follows:


The West Indies won the second and fourth tests easily. Australia won the fifth test.


A book was written about the tour, Calypso Cricket by Roland Fishman, in which some Australian cricketers were quoted bragging about how many women they slept with.[2] This was seen as a breach of the unspoken agreement between players and journalists for the latter not to report on the former's private lives, and embarrassed Greg Matthews, who was a friend of Fishman's, and who helped him get access to the players. Matthews:

Fishman lied to me. He bludged my money, my clothes, my bed and he told me he was writing a story about cricket in the Caribbean and the way of life. It was anything but that. He deceived me to the max. I haven’t seen him since and next time I see him I’ll be spitting in his face.[3]


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