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In Australia, state colours are frequently part of a state or territory's set of state symbols.

Some states have formally adopted a set of colours as their official "state colours" while others have de facto state colours that have become well-known through popular use. State colours often appear on a variety of different media, from the state's flag to the colours used in sports. In particular the Sheffield Shield team caps popularised the usage of single colours to represent each state.

State/Territory Flag Primary colours Secondary colours Further information
ACT Australian Capital Territory           Blue and gold[1] see ACT Brumbies
New South Wales New South Wales      Sky blue[2]      White see New South Wales rugby league team, Sydney FC
Northern Territory Northern Territory                Black, white and ochre[3] see Northern Territory Football Club
Queensland Queensland      Maroon[4]      Gold see Queensland rugby league team
South Australia South Australia      Red[5]           Blue and gold see South Australia Croweaters, Adelaide United
Tasmania Tasmania      Bottle green[6][7]           Maroon and yellow see Tasmanian Tigers
Victoria Victoria (Australia)      Navy blue[8]           White and Silver see Victoria Big V, Melbourne Victory
Western Australia Western Australia           Gold and black see Western Australia Sandgropers

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