Australian ten-pound note

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Ten Pound
Value 10 Australian pounds
Width 1913–24: 171 mm,
1925–present: 180 mm
Height 1913–24: 103 mm,
1925–present: 78 mm
Security features patterns
Paper type cotton
Years of printing 1910–1966
AUS-6b-Commonwealth of Australia-10 Pounds (1918).jpg
Design Coat of arms
Design Wagons with bags of grain at Narwonah railway station

The Australian ten pound note was a denomination of the Australian pound that was equivalent to twenty dollars on 14 February 1966. This denomination along with all other pound denomination is still legal tender = twenty dollar note.

It was first issued in 1911 onover printed banknotes issued by the various commercial and state banks of the time. In 1913 the first Australian banknote was issued. It featured a scene of the carting wheat at Narwonah in New South Wales.



These banknotes were overprinted on private issue from various banks, signatures were Jas R Collins and Geo T Allen. A total of 152,675 banknotes were issued.


Signatories: Collins/Allen (1914–1917); Cerutty/Collins (1918–1924)

The first ten-pound note was issued in 1913, with 2,039,188 being printed. The reverse of the note possessed horizontal red/yellow bands.


Signatories: Kell/Collins (1925–1926); Riddle/Heathershaw (1927); Riddle/Sheehan (1933)

Designed and printed by Thomas S. Harrison, the note was made longer and narrower to improve printing efficiency (six notes could fit onto a sheet instead of four) and further security features were added: a basketweave watermark was used around the borders and the denomination appears in watermarks in the center of the note. 3,610,000 of these notes were printed.


Sheehan/McFarlane (1940); Armitage/McFarlane (1943); Coombs/Watt (1949); Coombs/Wilson (1952)

These were all legal tender and included two basic designs, those of 1934–40 has 3,076,000 issues, 1940–54 with 21,924,000 and 1954–66 with 61,151,000 banknotes issued.

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