Australians in the United Arab Emirates

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Australians in the United Arab Emirates
Total population
(16,000 (2015)[1][2]
0.17% of the UAE population[1])
Regions with significant populations
Abu Dhabi · Dubai · Sharjah
English (Australian English) ·

Australians in the United Arab Emirates consist of 16,000 expatriates, most of whom live in Dubai and the capital of Abu Dhabi.[2][3]

Migration history[edit]

Australians are attracted by the lifestyle Dubai offers, including the wealth of outdoor activities for their families.[4] However, their population fell in 2009 due to the downturn in the economy of Dubai, as retrenched Australian expatriates with underwater real-estate loans fled the country to avoid debtor's prison.[5]


In Dubai, Australian and New Zealander expatriates joined together to set up the Australia New Zealand Association, which aims to provide mutual support for their communities in the entire UAE.[6]

The Australian International School, Sharjah is an established international school, catering to much of the Australian community. The school's education system and syllabus is Queensland-curriculum based.[7]

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