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Australians in the United Kingdom

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Australians in the United Kingdom
Total population
United Kingdom Australia-born residents in the United Kingdom: 124,813 – 0.2%
(2021/22 Census)[note 1]

 England: 109,963 – 0.2% (2021)[1]
 Scotland: 9,575 – 0.2% (2022)[2]
 Wales: 3,008 – 0.1% (2021)[1]
Northern Ireland: 2,267 – 0.1% (2021)[3]
126,316 (2011 Census)
Australian citizens/passports held:
51,168 (England and Wales only, 2021)[4]
Other estimates:
166,000 (2020 ONS estimate)
Regions with significant populations
Regions: London, South East England
Cities: London (Earl's Court, Kensington, Hammersmith, Fulham, Shepherd's Bush, Putney and Clapham)
Australian English, British English, Australian Aboriginal languages
Related ethnic groups
Australian diaspora and British Australians
  1. ^ Does not include Australians born in the United Kingdom or those with ancestry rooted in Australia

Australians in the United Kingdom, or Australian Britons, include Australians who have become residents or citizens of the United Kingdom. The largest segment of Australia's diaspora of 1 million resides in the United Kingdom.[5]

The 2001 UK Census recorded 107,871 Australian-born people.[6] In that census, the highest concentration of Australians in the UK was recorded in south-west London, with sizeable communities in Earl's Court, Kensington, Hammersmith, Fulham, Shepherd's Bush and Putney.[7] In 2007, Bloomberg reported that there were approximately 200,000 Australians in London.[8] In 2008, The Times reported that there were 400,000 Australians in the United Kingdom.[9] The 2011 UK Census recorded 113,592 residents born in Australia in England, 2,695 in Wales,[10] 8,279 in Scotland,[11] and 1,750 in Northern Ireland.[12] Within England, the majority were resident in London (53,959) and the South East (20,242).[10] The Office for National Statistics estimates that 138,000 people born in Australia were resident in the UK in 2017.[13] The equivalent estimate in 2020 was 166,000.[14]

The late-2000s recession was reported to have resulted in an increased number of Australians moving from the UK. 2,700 Australians left each month in late 2008, compared to 1,750 a month in 2005.[15]

Australia-born residents by ethnic group (2021 census, England and Wales)[16]

Notable individuals

Name Occupation
Vanessa Amorosi Entertainer
Peter Andre Entertainer (Born in London and raised in Australia)
Tina Arena Entertainer
Francis Bacon Artist (Father born in Australia)
Natalie Bennett Former leader of the Green Party
Phil Black Journalist
Deidre Brock MP for Edinburgh North and Leith (2015–present), Scottish National Party politician
Hedley Bull International relations scholar
Nick Cave Singer, songwriter and screenwriter
Hubert Clifford Composer and conductor; born 1904 in Victoria
John Gregory Crace Naval officer
Lynton Crosby Political strategist
Jason Donovan Singer and actor
Alexander Downer High Commissioner
Richard Farleigh Investor
John Gough Composer, radio producer and radio playwright; born 1903 in Tasmania
Germaine Greer Feminist and writer
Charlotte Hatherley Former guitarist and backing vocalist for band Ash; father is Australian.
Brady Haran YouTuber, podcaster
Rolf Harris Television presenter, artist, singer-songwriter, entertainer, composer, and convicted sex offender (born in Australia to Welsh parents but lived in the United Kingdom from 1952)
Darren Hayes Singer (Savage Garden)
Patricia Hewitt Former British Cabinet Minister and MP
David Higgins Businessman
Adam Hills Australian comedian and TV presenter, presents The Last Leg
Craig Revel Horwood Choreographer
Barry Humphries Comedian, actor and satirist
Natalie Imbruglia Singer-songwriter, model, actress
Clive James Writer and broadcaster
Craig Johnston Professional footballer
Harry Kewell Football player
Kathy Lette Novelist and playwright
Elle Macpherson Model, actress, and businesswoman
Tim Minchin Comedian, actor and musician
Dannii Minogue Entertainer
Kenneth Minogue Political philosopher
Kylie Minogue Entertainer
Elisabeth Murdoch Founder of television production company Shine TV (UK)
John Pilger Journalist and documentary film maker
Amanda Platell Journalist and television presenter, best known as William Hague's press secretary in 1997–2001
Peter Porter Poet
Neil Robertson[17] Snooker player
Geoffrey Robertson Human rights lawyer, author and broadcaster
Margot Robbie Actress and film producer
Dan Schreiber Radio and TV writer and producer (QI, The Museum of Curiosity)
Tony Smith former professional rugby league footballer and head coach of the Warrington Wolves
Holly Valance Actress and singer
Mark Webber Racing driver
Catherine West Member of Parliament for Hornsey and Wood Green since 2015
Walter Worboys Businessman
Cate Blanchett Actress and film producer

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