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An Australophile is one who appreciates or expresses love of Australian culture, the Australian people, Australian history or all things Australian in general.[1] An Australophile may extend to someone who is born outside Australia and the definition is not limited to an Australian itself. The concept of Australophilia is opposed to Australophobia, which is the dislike or fear of Australia and its cultural aspects.

Though Australophile in the strict sense refers to an affinity for the things, people, places and culture of Australia.


In some cases, the term Australophile represents an individual's appreciation of Australian history and traditional Australian culture (e.g. Ned Kelly, Steve Irwin, Don Bradman, Phar Lap) Australophile may also be characterized by fondness for the Outback, Uluru, beaches of Australia and Great Barrier Reef or institutions (e.g. Australian and New Zealand Army Corps, Surf Life Saving Australia, Royal Flying Doctor Service of Australia), as well as nostalgia for the former Australian Empire[citation needed] and the old Australian class system. Australophile may enjoy Australian actors, films, TV shows, radio shows, comedy, musicians, books, magazines, fashion designers, Architecture cars, traditions (e.g. Sausage sizzle) or subcultures.

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