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Saint Austregisilus
Born Bourges
Died 624 AD
Venerated in Roman Catholic Church
Eastern Orthodox Church[1][2]
Feast 20 May
Attributes portrayed as a knight on horseback, sometimes with a religious habit over his armor; a man falls from a horse in front of him

Saint Austregisilus (Outril(le), Aoustrille) (died 624) was bishop of Bourges from 612 to 624. His feast day is 20 May.


A native of Bourges, he was educated as a courtier, he became an attendant at the Court of King Gontram at Chalon-sur-Saone.[3] However, Austregisilus was desirous to become a monk and entered the abbey of Saint-Nizier at Lyon, where he became abbot. He was elected bishop of Bourges in 612.

He ordained Sulpitius the Pious. Saint Amand studied under him.[4]

The villages of Saint-Outrille and Saint-Aoustrille are named after him.


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